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Spill Proof Double Layer Elevated Pet Bowl

Spill Proof Double Layer Elevated Pet Bowl

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Is your pet a messy eater? Get this cute Spill Proof Double Layer Raised Pet Bowl for your pet now!

  • Spill Proof Double Layer design for more hygiene and less mess!
  • Elevated bowl for more health benefits for your pet
  • Chic, timeless design available in 3 gorgeous colors

Why Elevated Pet Bowl?

  • Easier drinking and eating as this helps your pet maintain a better posture
  • Good for spine health as this puts less stress on your pet's back and joints. Excellent for pets with joint issues, neck pain and backpain
  • Better digestion and less risks of bloating

Get this NOW for your beloved pet!! ❤️

Dimensions: 32.5cm * 22cm * 12cm / 12.80 inches x 8.66 inches x 4.72 inches
Material: Premium Quality Plastic and Stainless Steel

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