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Royal Palace Pet Bed

Royal Palace Pet Bed

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Introducing our Royal Palace Pet Bed, designed to provide ultimate comfort and warmth for your furry friends!

  • Features warm and comfortable fleece plush for a super soft feel
  • Suitable for small, medium, and large dogs and cats
  • Made from high-quality fleece and plush materials for durability and comfort
  • Available in five sizes to fit pets of different sizes


  • S: 40x30x5cm / 15.74x11.81x1.96inch
  • M: 50x40x5cm / 19.68x15.74x1.96inch
  • L: 75x50x6cm / 29.52x19.68x2.36inch
  • XL: 100x60x8cm / 39.37x23.62x3.14inch
  • XXL: 120x80x8cm / 47.24x31.49x3.14inch

Cushion Features:

  • Removable and washable for easy maintenance
  • Built-in sponge pad for added comfort
  • Safe, soft, and comfortable for your pet's well-being


  • Please select the appropriate size for your pet. For larger pets, it is recommended to choose a larger size.
  • The product maybe slightly deformed after compression packaging. Please allow some time for it to restore to its original state, as this is a normal phenomenon.
  • The color of the gradient pad may be slightly off-white, which is normal.
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