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8 Fashion Ideas for Your Dogs in Spring and Summer 2021

Spring is around the corner - meaning your dogs will need a new wardrobe! Check out our best seasonal picks for Spring 2021 to help your dogs stay in style. Don't forget to share this post on social media to benefit other dog owners <3

1) Pet Costume with Backpack

This striped T-shirt with yellow backpack is a must have for your dog! The t-shirt is made of 100% cotton so it's breathable and comfortable to wear. You can aalso put some snacks inside the small yellow backpack to treat your dog when you take him/her out for a walk!

2) Pineapple Sweatshirt

Look how cute this pineapple sweatshirt is! Glam up your dog instantly and make him/her the cutest dog in the streets! Lightweight fabric also makes it perfect for spring and summer.


3) Sunflower Summer Dress

This Sunflower dress is perfect for any occasion! The sunflower design is so cute isn't it? Seeing your dog in this will instantly bright up your day!


4) Denim Dog Jumpsuit

This denim dog jumpsuit is made of 100% cotton that makes your dog feel light and comfortable. It is very fashionable to wear this cool outfit to go out! Suitable for small and medium dogs 🥰


5) Cute Soft Puppy Hoodies

Colorful and vibrant - best words to describe this cute sweatshirts for puppies! It comes in different kawaii designs, really hard just to pick one! A must have!


6) Japanese Kimono for Pets

Big fan of Japanese culture? This Japanese style Kimono is so kawaii ❤️❤️ It will look good on your dogs!


7) Dog Plaid Raincoat

Help your pet stay dry and fashionable in the rain! This plaid raincoat is functional and adorable at the same time. Definitely a must have for rainy days!


8) Summer Plaid Top for Pets

This top / dress is purrfect! The premium cotton fabric makes it so comfortable and helps your dog stay in style 🐶

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