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10 Best Gift Ideas under $30 for Pet Lovers

Are you looking for a gift for your pet loving friend but not sure what to buy? Don't worry, we have listed 10 best gift ideas under $30 below to help you choose the best product to make your friend's day!

1) Kawaii Shiba Inu iPhone Case $19.95

You can't go wrong with this super adorable Shiba Inu iPhone case! Not only does it provide the phone with extra protection, it also makes the phone much prettier! It is available in two goregous colors which means you can get one for yourself and one for your friend!


2) Kawaii Cat Tote Bag $25.95

This canvas tote bag is not only adorable but also perfect for commuting and traveling! Its lightweight design also makes it a perfect shopping bag. A must have for cat lovers!


3) Cute Cartoon Cushion Cover $21.99

Adorable cushion cover with cute colorful dog print designs! This will glam up your friend's office, car, bedroom, living room, you name it :)

4) Shiba Inu Plush Tissue Case $19.95

Another cute and functional home essential perfect for Shiba Inu lovers! This tissue case is very soft to touch and available in 4 goregous colors. Why not get one for your friend today?


5) Cute Corgi Wallet $29.95

One of our customers' favorites - this cute Corgi wallet is available in light blue, black, beige and black. Apart from its kawaii, cute design, it is also very functional as it comes with a coin pocket and has enough folders for your friend to keep his/her favourite photos and cards! ❤️


6) Cartoon Dog Outdoor Hat $20.95

Did you know UV radiation is one of the top reasons that make you age faster?☀️ Say no to that with this adorable two-sided cartoon dog outdoor hat! A must have for outdoor activities! Available in 4 trendy colors - light blue, beige, white and black.


7) Animal Paw Necklace $29.95

If your friend is a girl, then you cannot miss this cute paw necklace! It's very versatile as its subtle yet elegant design makes it suitable for party, wedding, dating, graduation, any occassions! Don't worry - it's made of 925 sterling silver which means it won't irritate the skin! 💖 Also available in trendy rose gold color.

8) French Bulldog Keychain $24.99

This French Bulldog keychain is so cute that our customers keep coming back to get it for their friends and loved ones! It comes in three gorgeous colors - khaki, red and black. A must have!

9) Cartoon Cat T-Shirt $29.95

This cartoon cat T-shirt is very popular among our cat loving friends! It's made of soft and lightweight material which makes it good for spring and summer. The kawaii design is also very hard to find in stores!


10) Bear Ear Jumper for Babies $29.99

If you're looking for a gift for your friend's baby, this cute hoodie is a perfect choice for you! It has a cute bear ear design and will definitely make any baby stand out from the crowd! Suitable for babies from 12 months old to 4 years old.

Still not sure what to buy? Why not get our e-gift card and let your friend have the fun of finding exactly what they would like for themselves!

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